This website needs a connection the Moonriver Networkwith MetaMask
to function and is still under development!

My Moonarines

Find here a list of the Moonarines your wallet currently owns. If you want to offer a Moonarine for sale, input a price an hit Offer for Sale!

To maintain our page, we ask for a fee of 0.01 MOVR.

Notice: If you have not yet sold on the Moonarines Marktplace, or you have not yet minted a Moonarine, you need to sign two transactions on your first sale. The first one is to authorize the contract.

My Moonarines on Sale

The following list shows the Moonarines, you offered for sale. To revert that, hit Cancel Sale

On cancel, we refund 90% of the payed fee.

The Moonarines are part of the Moonwavefamily!