Be part of the conquest of the digital space

Become a MOONARINE and show the world that you are defending the moonchains!


The Cryptoverse is constantly expanding! Let us deploy the Moonarines to discover other Worlds (Parachains and Blockchains).
There are only 6000 Moonarines ever to be recruited. Be part of the #MoonarineArmy by minting your own Moonarine.

The Moonarines are unique NFT characters starting soon on the Moonriver Network!
With the Moonarines, the NFT owners will be taken to an unforgettable adventure to explore the Cryptoverse!

Supply of the #MoonarineArmy

Total6000 Moonarines in three Editions
PriceFrist Edition (Moon One):0.4 MOVR
Second Edition (Moon Two):0.3 MOVR
Third Edition (Moon Three):0.2 MOVR
Some example Moonarines to be minted soon


How our Moonarines will appear during the next month

Genesis of the Moonarines - three battalions - prima cohors - secuda cohors - tertia cohors


Read about how our Moonarines are going to conquer the blockchain space!

Exodus of the Moonarines - The exodus of the Moonarines in four steps towards other blockchains

Battalion rewards

BattalionsMoonriverMoonbeamOther ChainsCommunity EventsVoting Power
Moon OneYesYesYesYes10
Moon TwoHighly possiblePossibileYesYes4
Moon ThreePossiblePossibleMaybeYes1

The Moonarines are part of the Moonwavefamily!